Wednesday update

My health is not really good at this time. Dizziness attacked last night after work; I was so lucky that my office mate Kate is with me. She brought me to hospital. The doctor refuses to admit me since after I took the medicines I fell well.

The Doctor scheduled me tomorrow to EENT and Internal Medicine; I hope and pray that I will be okay soon. Health is wealth.

Blessed Wednesday to all, Stay healthy and Happy !


3 thoughts on “Wednesday update

  1. Stay positive in your thinking and do not give to much energy to faulthy thoughts about your health. God or your Higher Power is in control. Trust not in yourself, trust in your Higher Power. Sometime, we may not eat, wait to long to eat or there maybe too much salt in food that may cause dizziness. Relax tonight and drink plenty of water. I pray that you will be fine tomorrow when you have your check up.

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