definition of love!

Since February is Love month the 14th of February a  Valentine’s  Day. Guys what  are the  definitions of  love to you? I know each and every one of us have different meaning.

Last night I, asked my fiance what is his definition of LOVE hahaha! And this is what he say:

LOVE- is taking a chance with your heart. Giving your all to the one who you trust with your heart. Believing the new life formed with this new love will be true happiness. That’s why I love you.

And after that i thought he won’t ask me about love also but he asked me what is the real meaning of love from my heart. And here’s my reply to him.

LOVE- is patient, and i love the fact that i will never give up on you. that is my simple love to my fiance.

Since we both each other I am in the Philippines and his in New York so this is the one way we celebrate Valentines together. Long distance relationship is not a reason not to be happy this hearts day.

Happy hearts day to all!


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