my niece victory

I received a text from my niece, in Baguio with a very good news informing that she passed the Licensure Exams for Teachers (LET) Elementary Board Exam  September 2013 . My niece Kitz is graduated at Saint Louis University Baguio. And now she is working at Northridge Academy, Inc. in Baguio City. I am proud tita always. Congratulations my darling your parents, relatives and friends will proud of you.



Kits message to her parents and  friends: (her message posted to her facebook wall)

I humbly share my victory to my parents who supported me all the way to reach this success. Thank you mom and dad for the unending support and love you’ve given to me. For all your hard works and sacrifices it all worth it. I can’t hide my happiness right now because God given me the two most wonderful people in the world, I am so thankful really thankful.  I can’t accommodate to thank you all but I know you know yourselves.  I would always be glad to have such loving and supportive family and friends. feeling blessed.

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