my daughter suffering of gastroenteritis

My daughter, is in pain due to gastroenteritis she was confined in hospital for three days. Last Thursday night when my sister called me that my daughter is not felling good because of stomach pain.

Since I am far to my daughter, I only have communication through the phone. I thought she is already ok since when I called her she said she’s already fine so I fell comfortable here.  But late  night when I was in bed my sister called me and informed me that my daughter rushed to hospital because of her condition. Oh my goodness it kills me to know that, I don’t know what do to. I want to cry, I want to do something I want to help my daughter oh my  so  after my conversation to my sister I go home to province to see my daughter.

Its really difficult that we far each other but we need to sacrifice. I love you my darling and please don’t eat jumping salad again its not good to your health. Always take care of yourself and I love you so much. Go back to school and be good girl always.


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