5 things to do before start my work

Its wednesday once again its back to work. Its a normal day  as usual at work. And of course I always have 30 minutes commercial  before  I start my work lol. Early morning break lol.

Anyway here’s my 5 things list I do before I start my long day work.

1. Open my computer first  to check my multiple account Fb,Twitter, personal email, company website, blog, yahoo messenger this are all open one at a time lol  update my blog send likes and comments. ( I can’t wait to continue reading during my noon break)

2. Re-touch to make me beautiful lol, i have my lipstick, make up, foundation  I cannot start my day without my beauty kit with me. ( i guess all girls do this in the office)

3. Call and talk to my daughter atleast 5 minutes hearing my daughter’s voice and to know thas she’s ok it makes me happy.

4. Coffee I need caffaine to give me energy

5. Pray  before start my work

Now I am  ready  start  my work with good vibes.

You guys what keeps you busy before you start your work.



One thought on “5 things to do before start my work

  1. I smiled as my routine is similar to yours, except that I drink tea to wake up and I work from home nowadays. I have to wear wake up and keep a lipstick on my desk in my office to touch up now and then. 🙂

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