beaches adventure

What I really missed most this summer is going to Beaches. It’s really hot now even early morning. I want to go back to the  beaches I visited last year together with my boss and her kids and with my dearly friend Kate.

The first beach I want to visit again is in Hundred Island it’s a nice place to relax a peaceful clean with fresh air.

Second Beach is in Bolinao Island. We stayed in El Piscador. Early morning we started our beaches adventure the first we go to Island Cove. I really love the place the water is very cold.  And yes it looks were swimming inside the cave. And this place mostly the Filipino artist rent the place to take shoot to their movies. After Island Cove we go to private beach also before we go back to our hotel and rest. But right after our dinner and we still want to pamper our body in poll. Kate and I decided to go for night swimming. Both of us enjoyed. And in the morning before we go back to Manila we experienced to ride the speed boat Oh its my first time I bit scared but I enjoyed so much.

The third place is in La Union most beaches here in La Union owned and manage by foreigners. They invest bought beaches and retired here in Philippines . Yes cost of living here if we compare to other country is very cheap plus most of foreigners had their own family (filipina wife) here.   In La Union we  stayed in Sunset Bay Resort which they have a nice pool and very near to beach. Most of their customers here are foreigners and stayed with them for a months. I enjoyed our 4 days stayed here because we have lots of activities every day.  I really like the place and how I wish one of this beaches I can visit again this summer.

Hundred Island



Island Cove Bolinao



private resort bolinao


night swimming


Speed Boad



Sunset Bay Resort





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