ready to settle down

Honestly I been alone (single) for a couple of years after my failed relationship to my ex that was 11 years ago to be exact. After that failed relationship I concentrate myself to my work, take care of my baby. I promised to myself before that I better to be a nun or better to be alone forever  but I  eat my words.

Untill the time that I meet this guy. I guess I am ready to settle down again   🙂 yes thats true. Ready for the next chapter of my life. Ready to having my own and happy family. Ready to be with my prince for the rest of my life.

A short brief to him. He is living in the other side of the world a thousand miles away to me. He is in Compton California Unites States. I met my prince, last year and i fell his sincerity and love. I know how difficult to had a long distance relationship and sometimes  we do not know if there is assurance to work the relationship or not. But I always  thank him because we do not encounter any problem to our relationship because we both respect and understand each other even he know  and I know that I am sensitive person and he always understand me. And even we are far and sometimes its hard to communicate  because of different time but he is always give me time whatever happen thats the reason  I love him so much.

Thank you my dear prince, you always make my day complete. Thank you for the love that you share to me. I love you tell death do us part. I wait you to come home my prince , I missed you. I know you will read my post and I am proud of you.

              photo of my prince Eddie

Eddie 2


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