new task new challenge

March is a busy month for me since my boss give me a new challenge a new task. This March I joined our busniess development group to be a part of their team.  Yes I been in food industry for 3 years and I enjoyed so much my work here as Human Resource Officer. But since we are multi tasking we can work into different task as long as we can handle it and we willing to learn. I guess I am a fast learner lol.  I can say this is a new challenge to me and I am excited of course to meet the prospective clients or to have  ocular inspection of stores. This is the reason why I am busy this month we started to meet and visited prospective locations especially malls, hospitals, airports, and also  clients  outside metro manila. Actually Ive got  three clients now this month outside metro manila annd I am hoping and wishing our transaction will be  and we can open a new restaurants in the next few months. A new task, a new challenge a new success. have a blessed wednesday eveyone. 


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