My nephew finished his On the Job Training (OJT) yesterday. And he got finally  his certification. But i am disappointed because of the  wrong spelling of his surname to his certification. He never check and he is  confident that his full name has no problem.

 When he is in the school and he need to pass his certificate. He notice that his surname there is wrong spelling from TABUCOL to TABUCONG its very far to his real surname.  How stupid, oh my, when he still in the office he never check or read so that at that time he already know if have mistake and need to change or correct. Thats why we have bit argument last night because of his mistake also. And his complaining to me about his certification.

Lesson to learn always double check and read the documents before he received. And hoping this is a good lesson to him. And next time he learn to check and read first any documents before he recieve specially when he start to work.


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